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First days in South America

sunny 27 °C

Dear friends, this is my first message from South America. I can assure you all I have arrived safely, I’m installed well in Lima and doing great.

The flight was exhausting: in the first place I almost didn’t get any sleep the night before taking off and I had to leave to the airport at 5h30. On the plane, there where some crying babies which interrupted every attempt to get some sleep. When arriving in Lima I was dead tired but still went out for drinks. After a wónderful night, I ended up in bed only at 4h30 local time after being awake for 29 hours. I spent the night at casa Felien y Omar, where we also stayed some days during the trip last summer.
Jetlag is a bitch, so I woke up after 3h of sleep already. I stayed in bed until 9h and felt surprisingly awake when getting up. After lunch with Felien I moved to a hitchhikers hostel close by and installed me there. It’s a quiet hostel, which will be good as I am following a Spanish course for two weeks and it would be nice to be well rested for that. In the mean time it is great to meet some people.
The rest of the day, I have to admit, I have been crashing from the jetlag: trying to get some sleep (without success), some reading, sending some mails,… Finally I got to sleep around 22h and had a great nights’ sleep.

On Sunday I went for lunch with Felien and Omar, followed by a beautiful walk in Barranco (Lima) and along the coastline. It reminded me Lima is a very beautiful city and life here is good, especially now in summer. Later, I got to know some people in the hostel with whom I went for dinner and had some beers. Finally I got to bed quite early, as Spanish courses start at 8h in the morning the next day.

So this morning, I had my first Spanish course, which was great fun. I’m in class with 2 Americans and the level is perfect for me. I’m surprised how much I can already say in Spanish thanks to the Assimil book and cds. On the other hand, I realize I still have a very long way to go, especially when talking to locals that don’t speak that clear and much faster.

Got to go now, I’m going for drinks again!


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This is it...


So after throwing my goodbye party, celebrating New Year and saying goodbye to the remainder of the family, the moment is there… Finally I’m ready to take off to Lima, where a new adventure is about to start. I’m super excited to go, as the last two weeks have not been the easiest ones. As I told before, there was a lot of stuff to arrange and do, but everything has been completed nicely in time. I’m ready to board the plane tomorrow morning and I can fully focus on the new experiences that will be facing me.

December 30th was the time to say goodbye to the friends and the next day was already new years evening. Two fun parties full of joyful moments, thanks for everyone making this happen. I will miss you all.
A beautiful but sad moment was saying goodbye to my godchild Cis. I’m very grateful we got to spend some quality time together before taking off, but it was sad saying goodbye. Being away for 6 months is not a long time, but in baby-universe it is. He’ll have changed so much by the time I am back, but I hope to be able to follow up anyhow. More than haing changed, he’ll also have a little brother or sister by then as well!
And of course saying goodbye to my parents, my sister and her husband is sad too.

But I knew from the start this was part of the adventure, so now it is time to stop saying goodbye, but saying hello. Hello to a new life and friends, new sceneries and landscapes, new cultures and food, new experiences and habits,…
In the mean time, I hope everyone keeps me posted on all that matters here in Belgium. From my side I will try to post a report on my blog now and then but don’t forget… The less I’m writing, the more fun I’m having! Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. We’ll see each other in 6 months!

So the time is now… This is it…


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Moving day & family goodbye

28.12.2012 - 29.12.2012

After spending Christmas time with the family, my main occupation was preparing the move. Getting all your stuff into boxes, makes you feel like you’re putting your whole life in there. But of course it’s only material stuff and very soon, I’ll be traveling much lighter. Hopefully I’ll survive too…
Yesterday was the big day, moving all my stuff back to my parents place. Less than a year ago, I moved everything in the other direction and during past year I made my apartment my home. I really enjoyed living there (when not working in the Netherlands…), so it is strange to see the apartment as an empty space again.
The move itself went really smooth, with special thanks to Ambroos and Tim Lamon. Respect, dear friends!
This also means that the last days I will spend at the parental home: get treated well my mom for the last week, before having to take care of myself for 6 straight months.

Today was already time for the ‘official’ family goodbye. A little early, but this gave the opportunity to do it all together, as my brother Kris and his girlfriend Shoko are flying back to New York tomorrow morning. Tonight, I’m not only saying goodbye to them, but also to my other brother Jan, his wife Kristien and their baby girl Anna. The rest I will see again later.
I know it’s only 6 months and we’re used to not seeing each other not all the time, but still I know I will miss them. And little Anna, she will have changed so much… She’s only 8 months old now, so by the time I’m back she will be running around already.

A late merry Christmas and an early happy new year to everyone!


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Arranging the administration

December 20th 2012

January 4th is getting closer... That day I'll leave Belgium and I will only come back on June 30th. The 179 days spanning that period I'll spend in South-America, more specifically in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Last Friday was a tough day, facing the fact I'm leaving everything behind. Everything that was so normal and evident for the last years, will not be there anymore. Having people over visiting my apartment to rent it; handing back my car, phone and laptop; saying goodbye to the colleagues;... It made quite an impression, but that very same evening I already felt relieved and started looking forward. And luckily, I've felt like that ever since.

It's been 6 days now since my last day at work and since then I've spent more time behind my pc than ever. I must say I had slightly underestimated the effort it would require to arrange all administration. But the end is near and it's getting clear everything will work out just fine, and just in time...

So forgive me for wrapping up here and shut down my pc...


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