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May 2013

Jungle greetings from Lima

31.03.2013 – 17.05.2013

sunny 28 °C

It’s been quite a while since my last update, but it have been busy times on all levels. Being half way in my volunteering project however, now is a good time to write.

Since April 1st, I have been working in Moyobamba. It’s a nice challenge and a lot of work, but I’m working with a young, fun and energetic team, giving me all the energy and motivation I need. The company itself is a new and growing stevia plantation. Their terrains are enormous, the infrastructure is impressive and in total it provides a job for some 350 local people. At the same time they face a lot of challenges, but everyone is enthusiastic to move forward.
As I don’t feel like a tourist in Moyobamba, I have hardly taken any pictures during my time there: nor from the plantation, nor from the city and the daily life. I’d love to share some with you, but I’m afraid I’ll have to do that a little later…

I’m staying in a house with 2 young guys, and more people from the Stevia One project are living close by. From the first moment they involved me in all of their activities, so I had the chance to explore some of the neighborhood and local (night)life. Everything is done and said in Spanish for the last month, so I do get the chance to practice it a lot too. It’s still a challenge and I miss a lot of vocabulary and grammar, but people are patient and understanding, so I manage to make myself understandable in any situation.

The 1st of May, I welcomed my parents to the Peruvian jungle. They were traveling with a group of friends in Peru and decided to extend their holidays for a week to bring a visit to their son. After 4 months without family, it was so great to see them again and talk about home. We spent a little over a week together, staying in Tarapoto, Moyobamba and Lima together.

Pictures Tarapoto...
Pictures Moyobamba...
Pictures Lima...

At this moment, I’m still in Lima. I have been working from the administrative office here, while having a great time at night and during the weekend. In a way I’m sad I already have to go back to Moyobamba: Lima is an exciting city with great people. I would love to stay here much longer, but the project in Moyobamba is calling…


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